Compensable Benefits

Our Mission is to ensure that your Workers' Compensation cost control program minimizes your cost, whether you are a Self-Insured employer, part of a group program, a regular State Fund participant, or a retrospective rated employer.

Safety & Loss Control Services

Ron Masek is our Certified Safety Professional on staff available to answer all of your safety and loss prevention questions.  He is also available to evaluations and safety inspections to make recommendations to improve your current program(s). 

Key Benefits

  • Written Programs customized to client needs and situation 
  • Safety Audits and Safety Inspections Including evaluations to determine compliance with OSHA standards and regulations and State of Ohio safety requirements 
  • Evaluate overall safety program to prevent accidents 
  • Evaluate the potential for a VSSR award (Violation of Specific Safety Requirements) after an injury

Workers' Compensation

  • We establish goals with each client. The results are measured on a regular basis. Our claims management services begin before the claim occurs.
  • We design workers' compensation training and education programs to facilitate communication with employees, and return the employee to productivity.
  • Our claims managers and hearing representatives are specialists in Ohio workers' compensation and will work with you to ensure that your program minimizes your cost, whether you are part of a group program, a regular State Fund participant, retrospective rated, or self-insured. 
  • We provide meaningful statistical data to our clients. Our new computer systems are designed to be fully compatible with major software packages. We can produce "standard reports"; we can develop reports for the client's specific needs; and we provide on-line access to the data.
  • All employers have choices.  State Fund or Self Insured? Retrospective rating, wage continuation, or some combination? We take away the confusion through our integrated cash flow and data analysis packages. We work with our clients to analyze the choices and set strategies. 
  • Our experience in Workers' Compensation gives us depth and continuity. 
  • We are flexible. We are able to handle the needs of small, group rated employers, and we also function as integral parts of large, complex national Self-Insured programs. 
  • We are independent.  We are experienced in dealing with multiple providers and managed care organizations. We know how to adapt our procedures to fit your circumstances.

Unemployment Services

  • Review of all Ohio Bureau of Employment Services forms.  Example:  Request to Employer for Separation Information; Request to Employer for Wage Information, etc. 
  • Review all determinations received from the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services regarding former employees.  Determine appeal probabilities. 
  • Prepare and file all appropriate appeals when necessary. 
  • Prepare and file opposing statement to claimant appeals when applicable. 
  • Provide representation at all administrative hearings.  Provide a thorough written report regarding same. 
  • Audit annual rate from Ohio Bureau of Employment Services and advise on making a voluntary contribution. 
  • Provide consultation on all unemployment matters.

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